Carlisi Consulting Group
Building Stronger Organizations from the People Up
Smart business leaders know that it takes more than a focus on
results to achieve success and increase profits. The Carlisi Consulting Group
offers proven strategies for leveraging your most important asset — people —
to gain the competitive edge required in today's challenging marketplace.
Consulting Services
Quickly identify and resolve the root causes of performance gaps, miscommunication, conflict and other issues that
distract organizations from achieving their goals.

Executive Coaching
Customized one-on-one coaching for top executives, front-
line managers and employers to develop the insights and
skills needed to be more successful in business and in life.

Training Programs
Fine-tune your business knowledge in important areas
such as: conflict resolution, managing change and work-
force development. Gain insight into what motivates others
and how to create high-performance teams.

Special Offers
We offer the opportunity to experience our service at no cost...


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to reflect our latest products and services

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